33 week checkup!

Dear noodle,

Today is Tuesday but on Thursday I will be 34 weeks! NOW IT IS STARTING TO HIT ME THAT YOU ARE ALMOST HERE!!!! I’m waiting for Dr. Diana in the PEACE room! Perfect vibes that I needed with all of the chaos happening in the world!

Below are some fun screenshots from an app that I am using called Ovia:


Dear baby noodle,

I found this educational craft online and thought it was interesting because it reminded me of how much we are “taught” in elementary school.

It had me thinking, if we are being taught these things then why do some of us throw that lesson out of the window?

The only thing I can come up with is this: most people are taught by action. Many people follow others. Many people lead others. A lot of what we learn comes from what we experience, see and hear.

There’s so much crazy happening in the world. When you are older you will sit in class and learn all about the year 2020 which is the year you came into this world.

I hope to live a long life and watch you grow old, but if something ever happens to me these are some things I want you to know:

Before I write, please understand none of us are perfect, in fact I may not always follow the right path but you are my child and I want you to be a better person than me.

Love is love. You will come across many people in your lifetime who are gay, lesbian, or transgender. Their hearts and minds are no different than yours. They are people. They matter. They are just like you. They deserve to be loved. They deserve to love who they want. They deserve happiness. It’s okay to have them as friends. It’s okay to love them as family. It’s okay for you to be gay. I will never judge you for it. I will love you no matter what.

We all look different. Shapes, sizes and color. You will learn about racism. I hope you stand with me against it. I hope you see people for who they are not what they look like. I don’t want to teach you to see everyone as the same color or to not “see color”. We are not all the same color. I want you to see everyone’s skin color and honor them no matter what. I pray you will be sensitive to those who experience racism.

Bullying is something that I hope you never experience, but you might. I hope you never bully, but you might. Just don’t let me find out because your butt will be in trouble! In all seriousness, I want you as my son to always stick up for someone when they are knocked down. Pick them up and most importantly try to feel their pain, because when we feel others pain we are able to sympathize and comfort better. It’s always okay to stand up to a bully. It’s never okay to witness it and not do anything about it. I will always support you in backing someone up. Use your voice.

Last but not least, understand that when people think differently than you it doesn’t make you right and them wrong. A lot of times you won’t be able to convince someone to agree on your prospective. That’s okay. However it’s also okay to distance yourself from people who have different thought processes than you too. Just always have respect for others. You will catch more flies with honey than you would with vinegar. Be a man who is known to stand strong with his thoughts but respect others thoughts also. You don’t always have to agree to disagree either. But don’t resort to violence or hatred.

You won’t be a perfect human being. No one is. I do hope you grow to be a respectful man. I do hope that you are not afraid to stand up for what’s right. I hope people will look up to you. Be the light in the darkness. Be a leader, but it’s okay to follow too. I hope I am able to guide you in all the right ways. I will always ask God to help me.

I love you son.



Do you ever have one of those weeks where you think to yourself “Man, I just need to time out”?

That’s how I’m feeling. I’ve had worse weeks I suppose, but this one was hard due to the fact that I am now experiencing noodle push on my ribs and whatever else is in there. I’ll get out of breath just sitting down to pee. So everything is exaggerated and annoying on level 100.

Car problems, cat problems (now all 3 cats are sick due to juniors infection being contagious…not the teeth infection, you know, the other sickness he was ALSO diagnosed with, and now seeing my poor Dori in a cone is breaking me. I’ve been emotional, needy, and tired, oh my. Blah blah blah.

I’m full of complaints right now so I decided to take a bubble bath and chill. As I am laying here in the tub I am remembering the first time I felt noodle move. Kind of a cool spot to be in when that happens huh? I was about 21 weeks. I was so excited and I almost didn’t think it was “him” but I knew it was 🙂 Here I am now, 32 weeks and sometimes I say “sit still in there!” Lol

Cheers to a better weekend, I am going to put some positive vibes out there and claim that this weekend will be a great start to a wonderful week. (Well, after we take our other cat Ash to the vet tomorrow for HIS antibiotics. 3 cats on antibiotics, good timesssss.)

It’ll be alright. Every little thing will be alright.

Sweet sweet Junior

It’s pretty shitty when animals are sick or in pain. They can’t talk so we just have to figure it out and hope for the best.

I know, not the best opener for a post but honestly this weekend just sucked. One of our cats was diagnosed with severe gingivitis. The vet described his gums as “raw” like “hamburger meat”. Ugh. Which led to a fever of about 106 degrees…almost to the point of brain damage. We went to 3 different places, offices and hospitals. It was torture sitting outside or in the car for hours in the heat, but we weren’t guaranteed a specific wait time due to curbside assistance. Thanks covid. Junior was the one who suffered most though, every time we went to a new place he needed more pain medication and more liquid injected to help with his fever.

On the bright side, this is fixable and that is what we are focused on. He is scheduled to get his teeth removed at 7:30am tomorrow morning and his new life will begin! I asked the vet what his quality of life will be like without teeth and he said it will be absolutely fine and Junior will be so happy and relieved that his teeth are gone due to no more pain.

When we first got Junior he had terrible breath but during his checkup another vet said he seemed “fine”. So this kind of creeped up out of no where. He started acting weird and I just couldn’t stand seeing it, so we went. I’m so glad we did. Research says cats don’t really show signs of pain until it becomes unbearable.

I’ve been around so many cats, even my very own, but Junior is by far the sweetest cat I’ve ever known, well, he is on the same level of sweetness as my precious Belle who passed away at 9 months due to neurological issues.

Junior looks like my girl Dori, in fact when they come up to us we often say “who is this, Dori or Junior?”

I’m just so happy he is going to be okay. He just needs to make it through until tomorrow. Again, I can’t express how sweet this cat is!

To end the weekend on a happier note, we bbq’d and made chicken enchiladas. Now we are so exhausted and ready to RELAX. Things will only get better from here.

Onward and upward…

Camera shy

Dear Noodle,

You don’t like to have your picture taken! I’ve tried seeing you in 4D a few times now but you hide behind stuff in there (placenta, tissue, your hand/arm, etc.)

Your dad has been coming with me to appointments which is nice because at first I was going alone (Some times I chose to go alone and other times were rough.) Your dad is always in his uniform when we go together because he has to take time off of work then just goes back right after. Once he wasn’t able to go into the room with me but he went anyway and sat in the waiting room. It was still nice knowing he was there. When he can go back with me, he is very funny. When the tech tells him to talk to you in my belly he gets very shy. But at home he obviously isn’t! He also asks the tech a million of questions like “So he’s okay though right?” Or “So everything looks good right?” The tech finally said (in a nice but slightly annoyed tone), “Yes dad, everything looks good, no need to worry.” I’m just like “can you try and see his face?” Haha

The last appointment we went to together we were a little worried because my belly isn’t measuring as big as we think it should be, but the tech said you are measuring just fine! You’re just really deep in my ribs (thank you very much). We also discovered you have your dads nose and lips! and my cheeks (sorry)! You also have hair which I am so stoked about, I can’t wait to wash it and brush it! When I tell your dad that he laughs and says you’re not a doll, but yes…you are…for a little while 🙂

The ultrasound technician told me to bring a slurpee to wake you up during the ultrasound but it didn’t phase you. However when we had spaghetti for dinner that night you wouldn’t stop moving! You are quite a character so far!

I ended up trying 4D ONE MORE TIME and had a little more success. Its funny because before I was pregnant I didn’t understand why people got 4D ultrasounds, it was ridiculous to me, and here I am desperate for them lol. I do give up though, I can wait 9 more weeks to see you!

Here is what we managed to get:

The world is still going nuts over the covid-19 outbreak so I am trying my BEST to stay home…but your dad is at work all day and I am just straight bored. I did meet up with Gigi and Uncle Jake and Grandma Sue for lunch a couple of times at the park but the day to day stuff gets me bored! This morning before your dad left for work he said to enjoy my peace and quiet because I will wish I had once you are here. I know that’s true but I just wish you were here already!

We are going to be best friends.

I love you!



Dear Noodle,

Your papa was showered with love at work and brought home these beautiful baskets. They were full of diapers, wipes and some cute outfits. What meant most is people aren’t really going to stores right now unless it’s an emergency or for essential items due to covid-19, but these people did for you. It made my day and was completely unexpected. Most of his coworkers are my old coworkers too, I’m sure you’ll hear the story of how your dad and I met at work one day 🙂

We also received your stroller and car seat from Gigi and Grandpa Chad today! I was so excited when I saw it on our patio. Your dad built it right after work and your sis Christina helped. I was supervising (critiquing) 😉

Right now Breyana, Lori and Gigi are planning a drive-by baby shower for you…which is super unique and maybe strange, but you’ll soon know that the people in your life will make things happen no matter what. You are so loved. By people who haven’t even met you yet. You’re going to be born during a pandemic but that isn’t stopping people from gifting you things you need and just loving on you.

You’ll always be taken care of.



Back at it

I forgot how much time flies when I watercolor. I purchased all of my items at Michael’s Craft Store for less than $20.

“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.” – unknown